A Spooky Nature Walk

img_3259Yesterday my two friends and I went for a spookier nature walk.  We went to Chanctonbury Ring in Sussex, England, which is an ancient site that is reputed to be haunted.  It is said the Devil had a hand in making the site and if you run around the wooded area seven times in an anti clockwise direction he will appear.   Of course we didn’t do this but it was very spooky and we made sure we were out by dark.

Is was very quiet, with very few bird calls which we felt strange.  Was it our imagination or did twigs snap as if someone was following us in the undergrowth.  It was certainly very cold and still with what seemed like pockets of I can only describe as weirdness.  The walk was lovely as I was with my friends and a good thigh workout being at the very top of a hill.

Chanctonbury Ring dates back from 300BC and is set 700 ft above sea level on the Sussex Downs.  In more recent times it has been connected to UFO’s, witchcraft and strange forces.  Walkers have been known to find things tied to trees, ribbons, corn dollies and such.  A cyclist reported on nearing the mound he heard a voice tell him to get out, which he did very fast never to return.


Half way up the hill to Chanctonbury Ring.  The structure seemed to be formed around a rams head above the entrance.
Chanctonbury Ring


Happy Halloween 😉


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