Things We Hold Onto…


Chanel No 5 and strong cheddar cheese,

over that rainbow and always say please.

Those books piled so high, and not just one or two,

all of these things are reminders of you.

Those long walks in summer, while humming a tune,

cancer a birth sign that’s ruled by the moon.

So many memories, tied up in my mind,

there’s still one or two more I’m hoping to find.

The last card that you sent me, still on the book shelf,

only one wine glass now as I’m all by myself.

Sound of your laughter still rings in my ears,

no one would believe, I’ve not heard it in years.

The photos I have out, so sticky with touch,

those ones of us giggling, oh we didn’t care much.

Things gathered around me and all over my home,

I don’t want to forget and feel so alone.

Objects of desire, trinkets and such,

some of these of great value, some not so much.

Things help us get by, things transport us home,

but even with things we are still just alone.

8 thoughts on “Things We Hold Onto…”

      1. We will never get over our loss Liz, but I just keep thinking he wouldn’t want to think I was moping around. Life is for living now in the moment, not the past or the future. So get yourself off and takes some photos on your phone!

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    1. The best memories are in my mind, your right we don’t need material reminders but in this materialistic world I’m afraid it is what life presents us. Also I do believe energy stays in material things, so when I wear my mothers ring or throw a necklace on I feel connected.

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