Suppressed Love


Deep underneath, where no one goes

There is a dam, where deep love flows

Of brightest green, kept tight inside

A place where her trapped love resides

It’s stored below, way out of view

She’ll appear so dry and hard to you

But below the surface, hidden well

There is love, but you could never tell

She built it well, with walls so strong

Built so high, for lasting long

Believing that, if no one views

She won’t get hurt, it won’t turn blue

So break this dam down if you can

Let her love flow out into the land

Teach her that if she gives love out

It will replenish, without a doubt

14 thoughts on “Suppressed Love”

  1. I agree with the previous comments. I love it when you’re vulnerable in your writing ❤ Did writing this help you feel better or different at all? Xxx

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  2. I immediately wanted to find this woman and wrap my arms around her and let her know that she could fine love and a safe place. The sting would remain a little while and be gone, replaced with a deeper and abiding love.

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