Nostalgia – DP photo challenge




So many things come to mind when I think of nostalgia.  I’m sentimental and slip back in time at the drop of a hat.  I find it easy to walk back into a scene, reminisce, look around and smell and feel what’s going on.  It’s interesting, as an adult I remember different things, must be my very vivid imagination or things stored in my mind, I didn’t acknowledge the first time around.  Maybe at an age I couldn’t comprehend, didn’t understand or just another false memory!

This is my first go at the Daily Prompt Photo Challenge, I don’t know if it should be a stand alone photo but I had to write a little poem to explain Nostalgia 🙂


Nostalgia sleeps upon my bed, he’s slept there many years

Witnessed all the heartbreak, the sadness and the tears

I’d say he’s probably forty five, maybe give a year or two

Those of you who are close to me, he knows your secrets too

My mother helped me make him, as I was seven or eight

I couldn’t do it all by myself, as I had got in such a state

We sewed him up with cotton thread, adding memories

Pink button eyes and matching lips, he was built to please

The velvet is still black as night, he blends in as I sleep

When we made him years ago, we made a guy to keep.


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