Forbidden Love

I love you as I never should, 

so bittersweet, misunderstood 

I love you but it can never be, 

a forbidden love I’ve come to see

I love you but it cannot show, 

my love for you  will nowhere go

I love you making you my queen, 

a love so strong and yet unseen


Do I care what others say, 

if my love were to see the day

Does it really matter to me, 

love unreturned, not to be

Could it ever come to being, 

loving you and others seeing

I understand this loves so wrong, 

but for your heart I will always long.

7 thoughts on “Forbidden Love”

      1. Yes thank you have to go back again within two weeks for the camera thing, but she doesn’t think it’s the big C……. more likely polyps… could not function yesterday . Hence the Dare post (which I thought was crap ) haha people like the strangest things on here. Xx

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      2. It’s good to hear from you and that sounds better news. I have been thinking of you along with others going through similar. I wrote my first post today for you lot 😉 Hope your feeling more able to function today, you were missed 💜💙💜💙


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