Stylish – DP


You can’t buy style, you have it or you don’t, it’s natural and intuitive.  Style is an idea brought to life, it’s creative and artistic and it takes a very good eye and great flair to have real style.

My mum had great style, it was innate.  She should have been a fashion designer, artist or some such thing, but she wasn’t she was a single mother working in accounts, bringing up two small children because her husband walked out on her.

I remember as a child wanting my mum to wear the twin sets all my friends mum’s wore, but she didn’t ever look like anyone else, she refused to.  I used to believe designers followed her around with pads, drawing what she was wearing, as it usually came out the following year and she would chuck whatever it was into the spare room never to be worn again.

Mum loved lace, antique clothes and jewellery from Covent Garden Market, long dresses and skirts.  She had hundreds of belts, usually wide, that adorned her tiny waist and more jewellery than you could ever imagine.  Mum loved a statement necklace and I still have many of them.  Funny I usually wear something of mums every day, a necklace, a scarf, jacket, she was far more fashionable than me.

Style is individual, intrinsic, spontaneous and I hope hereditary!



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