Lightening the Load



I believe in letting go of the junk that weighs us down in life.  In order to grow we need to be able to rid ourselves of what no longer serves a purpose, binds us and prevents us from moving forward.  We need to be light enough to fly and catch hold of opportunities when they arise.  It’s not complicated, a bird couldn’t fly weighed down with it’s home and all the worries in the world.

To often we live in fear of moving forward, there are to many reasons why we can’t, too many things we have to do first, too many excuses.  We often lack self belief and imagine ourselves to be unable to forge ahead with our dreams.  We settle for what we know what appears safe without belief that we could get anywhere other than where we are at the present time.   I spent a long time travelling to work each day to a well paid job I was unhappy in, realising the unhappy faces I saw each day on the train were doing the same thing, we were all just dying slowly in an existence in which we were eternally trapped.  So I quit, it’s not been easy but I’ve never been happier and I have grown so much as a person because I broke out of the mould.  I’m not advocating that you should quit your jobs, that could be disastrous but it worked for me.  I’m a different person and it has allowed me to grow in a way I never would have imagined.  I have grown in spirit, I’m kinder and more loving to myself and others and the universe has provided.  Okay it gets a little scary sometimes but something works out and I’ve discovered paths I never would have imagined.

Dreams should be lived or at least followed and I think the first step is lightening the load, working out what our dreams are and then doing something, however small, to move closer to who and what we want to be.

Life isn’t meant to be complicated 🙂





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