Packing Up

I’m surrounded by possessions, 

some of these say who I am.

I’m trying to cut them down a bit, 

but I’m not sure if I can.

These things all have their stories, 

they tell me who I was.

They speak of other owners too, 

that’s such a big because.

Some bits are just like memories, 

they bring a picture back.

The chair my mother later sat in, 

if that went I would crack.

The books that line the bookcase, 

not all of them are mine.

But the owners of these books, 

are now with the divine.

That they scanned those pages, 

while they were here awhile.

As I run my hand along the page,

it always makes me smile.

The china from my childhood, 

which I ate from when sick.

Remind me of that love I felt, 

which got me better quick.

All these things are talking now,

reminding me of days.

Memories of the hills I’ve climbed,

and those that went away.

So possessions are just pointless,

and what’s important is inside.

But these memories are so precious,

they’re so much more than tried.

My mother shared a rule with me,

to keep beautiful things around.

The trouble is I followed her word,

it’s a treasure trove I’ve found.

Now the time has come for me to move,

I now need to pack it away.

But packing up these things that talk,

is like packing my life away!



8 thoughts on “Packing Up”

  1. I think packing must be absolute torture for you ❤️ I have visions of three removal vans and six men moving it all. I had my dads leather recliner for a few years after he passed. When I moved I gave it to the British heart foundation because I knew someone would be so happy to have it and I don’t think my dad would have been bothered. I have my memories deep inside 🌹🌹

    We are all different and I wish you so much happiness in your new home and your new start which although may not seem exciting at the moment, but with your mum always near you it is sure to be fun 😉

    Maybe a new man too 😳 sorry psychic side popped up then 😬 😂🤣😂

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