The Suffering of Others

We are all pretty well off, we have access to the internet, a roof over our heads and usually our basic needs taken care of. I’m sorry if I’m pooling you into a group you don’t feel comfortable in but the fact that your reading this tells me you at least have this opportunity in your lives.

What about those that don’t have the same opportunities, those suffering in some way, those who live the most difficult and painful lives? I really struggle with this at times, wonder why the world is so unfair, why people suffer.

The only conclusion I can really reach is that they are suffering for me, their lives teach me something, they are the masters.

There must be a reason, if your spiritual, you’ll agree with purpose, you’ll understand the journey of the spirit. I don’t believe it is always a pleasant one, I think some people come to earth, not for the experience, not for the development of their own souls but for humanity.

I know a young woman, I’ve spoken about her before and called her Ann. Well Ann was abused from birth, she is brain damaged from the abuse she suffered from those that were supposed to care for and love her, her parents. I have worked with abused children traumatised by abuse for years and I can tell you Ann’s case file is one of the worst I have read.

Ann has epilepsy and we have been informed that she will at some point suffer sudden death because of this. Ann is in her 20’s and has not had a life, she functions as a toddler might and does not get pleasure from life. When I think about this I have to ask why and the only conclusion I can reach is to teach those around her something. I think she has probably taught us all different lessons but her life is certainly etched on my soul.

She has taught me in so many ways and will continue to do so. I’m lucky I know Ann, I’ve known her since she was 7 years old when I worked with her. My best friend fostered her and has her to this day so I’m a sort of auntie.

I’m only using Ann as an example but look out into the world and see how many people are suffering, the number is growing. If it is choice that they suffer then this must tell us we are not learning, we are allowing suffering to go on without really taking notice.

Brighton where I live has a big homeless population, everybody comments when they visit, but do those living here really notice in the same way? Interesting isn’t it how we can become oblivious to the suffering of others. Somebody throws themselves under a train and people complain because it holds up the line, I don’t get it.

If our own lessons are supposed to teach us, why don’t we take more notice and learn from the experiences of others. Because I think until we do its going to get worse out there, if they are here to teach us, something has to make us take notice.

What has it taught you, do you have any messages to share, anything that you learnt  from the suffering of other?


10 thoughts on “The Suffering of Others”

  1. I once read that before we come back to earth we are told what lessons we are to learn in that lifetime and we have the chance not to live it if we wish to refuse we can. Then when we are born everything we were told is wiped from our memories.

    It has been said to me that we have to live so many lifetimes to experience all we need to experience what we need to learn to become truly awakened spiritually.

    Being spiritual is tough at time, I can vouch for that, it is as if you have to experience the pain to help others. 🙂

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  2. This is very thought-provoking, Liza… though sadly I’m at a loss to add anything wise[!]

    It seems to be the evolution of the modern world. Maybe it’s stress; if we were all better able to cope in life we would be less fearful/selfish, and more keen to be altruistic?
    Or maybe it comes back to the idea of community: i.e. lack of… in the internet age we’re more connected online, but less so in local community?

    Haha I only have questions, it seems! I don’t know how levels of empathy can be raised…

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    1. I know, neither do I because those I talk to already agree, if I write about thing the people that read usually get me anyway but still things continue. We can’t change the world unfortunately, just live as true to our beliefs as we can and hope it catches on. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 😊

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