When we say ‘I am fine’ in response to a ‘how are you?’, I wonder which part of the self is the ‘I’ that is fine, the physical, mental self usually I would imagine.  But what about the whole self, the deeper and somewhat undiscovered self, the being within.  I wonder on this journey if we are really ever altogether fine, because we are usually in the process of searching, we spend our lives searching for ourselves and when we find ourselves, I doubt very much if we would use the word fine, I think we might say ‘I am complete’.

~ lizalizaskysaregrey©2017 

10 thoughts on “Fine”

  1. I say fine because it can be so varied. It can mean excellence, yet can also mean delicate. It can mean bright, yet also sharp. For me each use is different and I love that it is such a word with so many varied definitions. I find saying “I’m good” to be more blah, although I say that as well.

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