Is it the aesthetic value of a vase or the flowers that go within,

to appreciate real beauty we have to delve within.

What part of the picture touches you, deep within your heart,

maybe that’s the first place where we ought to start.

Is it only felt on the surface or does it move you from inside,

the problems with aesthetics is what they’re likely to hide.



14 thoughts on “Aesthetic”

  1. What if we had not plucked the flowers and let it dream before it withered. For the flower that short span is an eternity. Vase could be shaped in the way we value aesthetic; I wonder if the natural flowers with symmetric nature’s design really harmonise with man-made aesthetic values. (just a thought after reading this piece)

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    1. I agree, I much prefer flowers in their natural environment, the beauty of nature as a backdrop beats any vase or internal decor. I’ve mentioned before, I talk to flowers but I suppose I have to admit, those that have been cut and are already dying might be past listening! Love the idea of a flower dreaming before withering 🙂

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