I got an offer on the flat today, it’s one of several over the last few weeks but this one is closer to the asking price. This could be it, it could be what I have been waiting for, an invitation to be me, an invite to the next chapter of my life.

I’m reluctant to accept it, I’ll admit it, I’m afraid. My invite doesn’t have a plus one, I wouldn’t use it anyway, but it does say, this is it girl!

I’ll phone the estate agents tomorrow, tonight I will consider the invitation.

The Daily Prompt – invitationΒ 

14 thoughts on “Invitation”

  1. I applaud you, Liza. Taking chances, making changes, taking risks is scary stuff. It’s also the thing dreams are made of. Having jumped off many cliffs into the unknown depths below, I get it, the flutter in the stomach, the butterflies that rise up in your throat, and sometimes far that niggles in your brain because there is no definite end to the tunnel, or soft pillowy landing waiting. Still, it can be the impetus that moves us onward and upward, especially if you have a goal in sight you wish to reach. KUDOS whatever you decide. Because I’m sure it will be right for you.

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