Strength is born in the deep silence of long suffering hearts, not amid joy

~ Felicia Hermans, 1793-1835

Everything that happens to us in life is a teaching, it is all meant to be and points us to the way we should be going, but nothing on earth teaches us about life more than suffering. When we suffer we learn and grow, no doubt about it, I have never heard anyone argue the point, but it is easily ignored. Cast to the backs of our minds until pain pierces our hearts or wherever else on our list of priorities.

We suffer in different ways, depending on our makeup I suppose, deeper souls might suffer more, maybe because they can bare it, but we all suffer. Even the materialistic, those only concerned about material objects and wealth, they suffer if anything threatens their wealth, they feel it in their pockets and if that is one of lives priorities, it has to hurt.

Each and every time life presents us with a curve ball, something that knocks us off of our feet, we usually suffer in some way, but that’s certainly when we learn. If we don’t learn we can be sure that ball will hit us again as one thing is certain lessons repeat themselves.

It is often in dark times we find silence, we have time to reflect and think about what is going on or within that silence we find ourselves, recognise those mistakes and find what is real in life. I pity those not able to do this, those that live and die without finding themselves.

I often ask myself why, if suffering teaches, why is half of the world suffering when I can’t see what they have to learn. Maybe it is because the suffering of others teaches us something, maybe they suffer in silence hoping the world will wake up and take notice, maybe they are shouting out loud but are not heard. These must be souls that came here to teach us something, living a life of suffering to teach humanity, evolved and higher souls I would imagine, to take on such a task in a world that doesn’t think of much but itself.

Wouldn’t the world be so much better if we all spent some time in silent contemplation thinking about others, not ourselves and our needs but of others.  If we are all part of the whole, the suffering going on in the world is happening to all of us and without learning from it, it will keep on repeating until something changes.

I wrote this because I was feeling sorry for myself, it helped me think about how lucky I am.


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