Pillage of the Soul

It’s time to say goodbye now, I’m ready, I feel brave enough now and I know I’ll be fine without you. You’ve taught me a lot, you have made me look hard at myself and that has changed me. You pointed out the things I was ignoring, the things I don’t need in my life and one by one I have been able to let them go. It’s been immensely destructive but also incredibly cathartic being with you. You tore me into little pieces, pillaged the temple of my soul and ripped it out so I could take a good look at it, because of you, because of what you did to me, through your relentless pillage I found my soul.

I’m ready to let you go now, I no longer need or care for you. I know that without you I would not have found myself, but relationships are transient, they stay for as long as they are needed and I no longer need you. We have our memories, laughter and tears, photos of moments I will keep, you won’t be forgotten but I am so ready to move on alone, a stronger and braver person. I found my wolf through you, I found the essence of me and I know I will be protected.

I want to thank you for introducing me to some good people, inspiring me and sharing a vision. You walked me into nature and made me really look at it. You taught me that what I was doing with my life was pointless, you showed me the next step. It was a scary step to take and I’m still wobbling but I know there is only one way to go.

Now as I leave, head off for pastures new, I’m a different person to the girl that met you.  I’m a warrior, I’m ready for new beginnings and I’m happy to say goodbye. I am feeling brave at the moment and I hope that lasts. It has been a difficult but important relationship, I won’t forget what you taught me in some of the hardest of ways, but it was only through experience of the pain you brought, I really opened my eyes.

I won’t be the only person you will be losing, there are a few of us and that might be difficult for you. You got us here, you taught us the hardest lessons, you occasionally treated us kindly.  2016 I don’t think there is much more to say but farewell and thank you.

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13 thoughts on “Pillage of the Soul”

  1. Great words showing hope and courage to face whatever faces you, just remember it’s not what comes our way it’s how we react to it. I’m always here for you Liza ❤️

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