A Dog Called Ego

My ego is like a dog I took in and agreed to care for but no longer want or love.  I understand now why I allowed him in to my life in the first place.  I see the appeal, walking around with him gave me status, I stood out from the crowd or at least I thought I did.  I used to feel safe with him, I felt protected.

I’ve changed my mind now,  I think he is preventing me from growing and doing the things I want in life. He’s constantly hungry, paws at me to remind me of his existence.  He wines and interrupts my meditations even when I lock him out of the room, he can be heard whimpering under the door.  He follows me around like my shadow, it’s an unhealthy relationship as I’m always giving into him.  Ego sleeps at the bottom of the bed, he’s the last thing I’m aware of as I go to sleep and as soon as I wake in the morning he’s there, on me, he needs feeding and petting immediately.

My ego is big and extremely protective, he doesn’t want me focussed elsewhere, if I try to spend time with myself, he constantly whimpers. I’ve decided we need to start some training, he needs to be able to give me the space I need and I need to be able to put in the boundaries he needs.  If we are going to continue to live together, we need some rules!




19 thoughts on “A Dog Called Ego”

      1. Yes and that makes it harder to shake that dog loose, but (as you obviously realize from the writing) it will only benefit us to unleash that dog and hand the reigns over to the heart. Great analogy 🙂

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      1. I hope your feeling a little better today, I was awake thinking about your dog issues. I had to think of a sensible reply to your post and hopefully this is it.

        We all need our egos to survive
        We all need our hearts to lead
        We all need our guts to speak
        The list is endless etc etc all are important and personally I don’t think any should lead, I try to balance mine and I’ve learnt to recognise when one is trying to lead the other. So keep your dog 🐶Liza because he is important and was given to you at birth to learn from because as you know my favourite saying is…..Life is all about learning 😉

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