Courage and strength come with perserverence.

Finding these qualities comes through our endurance.

We go through life constantly coming up against difficulties, find ourselves in situations where we need to gather all our strength to succeed, achieve or reach our goal.  Life has a way of presenting these obstacles just at a time we don’t need them.

We endure these periods by going within and somehow finding the strength to continue, for however long it takes and sometime this might be years.  Through our ability to find this strength in times of need, however hard it appears to be at the times, we develop an inward strength, one that will see us through our lives, strengthen our spirit and see us along the way.

Courage is developed in the hard knock school of life.  It is a quality that comes through the  experience and endurance of pain.  It is gained through love that is not returned but still given out, it is gained through loneliness, poverty, grief and loss. Courage is gained in a multitude of ways but it builds us and makes us into the people we are today.

Courage strengthens the spirit and when we strengthen our spirit we are more able to live as our true selves, not afraid of what others think of us, happy to accept criticism but  at the same time be able to speak our own truth.  We are no longer sheep and if necessary we can stand firm and face any opposition.

So whatever lessons are ahead of us we have to see them as such and know we can endure them and strengthen our spirits and become better, stronger, people.




13 thoughts on “Courage”

  1. This is a post I want to read over and over, this really speaks to me. You have so much innate wisdom. I hope I can develop my inner strength, that’s what I’m working towards all the time 💖


  2. I love this post, and I agree in principle, but hard knocks can sometimes rob you of courage, at least for a while, and a series of failures can entirely break the spirit. It depends on what you’re made of, and the nature of the adversity.
    I receive praise for my courage, but right now I feel as if I may never get back on my feet again, and I dispise myself for my weakness.
    Who knows, maybe I’ll come back stronger…


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