Walks of Life

I’m not religious as such, well not signed up to any specific religion anyway.  I’m eclectic in my beliefs and take what I like from different schools of thought, religions and ways of life.  I belive in a higher power, something bigger than us, something at the moment, beyond my comprehension.  I don’t think I necessarily need to know what is beyond, just that I am going in the right direction, doing my best and above all making my life worth while.  In a way it’s right that it’s a mystery to us, because given all the answers we would act accordingly and maybe not be as true to ourselves.

If I could invent my own religion, pathway or walk of life as I prefer to say, it would be based on kindness and love.  These qualities are the important aspects I take from other religions, love one another, send out kind thoughts and deeds and look after each other and the planet we live on.  It wouldn’t demand worship as I don’t believe any god would demand worship apart from a recognition and love of the source of from where we come.  Loving ourselves and each other is the key.  Just think if everybody just loved, weapons would be put down, famine would cease and misery would disappear, it’s simple to me love is the only answer, it’s just taking us a long time to work this out.

Religion does fascinate me and I collect little bits and pieces I find along the way.  I have a shelf of religious and spiritual artefacts, they are all mixed up and living nicely alongside one another.  Wouldn’t it be nice if mankind could do the same?

I think there have been many great prophets throughout the ages, they have walked with us and tried to show us the way.  I think there are some great prophets today, those that teach love and peace and I’m sure a few more to come.

I often go and sit in satsang enquiries, buddhist meditations, various church services, shamanism workshops, healing sessions and sign up for all sorts any energy workshops.  I go because in these places I meet nice people and I like to surround myself with good people.  Okay, I do meet some oddballs, like the fairy lady but she’s another story.

As much as all the above interests and fascinates me, I think we are our own best teachers.  We need to experience our real selves, the knowing self inside of us before we can find out answers outside, so it’s important to sit with ourselves, give ourselves space and listen to what’s inside.

I feel we are all connected, that connection runs back to a source which is somehow connected to the universe around us.  I joke about the universe providing, but on a serious note it has not let me down yet so I am trusting in it more and more.


2 thoughts on “Walks of Life”

  1. This is a fascinating post and I love what you’ve expressed here. It’s very thought provoking and inspiring and I agree with much of what you’ve said. Great post Liza 😊 ❤

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