Passport Time

I’m on the train to London to renew my passport.  It’s confirmation that I’m really ten years older and I’m not liking it!  Ten years ago when I last updated my passport I hated the photo, today that photo is just fine and I want to keep it forever!

The last few years going through passport control I have felt like that slightly weird photo of my forty two year old self! When I cross the channel next week I’m going to be well and truly fifty two with a passport to prove it 😒 and I won’t be posting pictures.

So I have new photos, several sets in fact and I’m not happy with any of them. This is ridiculous, I don’t like vanity in any form but I also don’t like the fact the passport office don’t accept photoshop snaps!  

Funny those photos we hate when we take them and love years later. If only I could be as fat now as I thought I was then. I don’t know who it was that said that but it’s so very true.

I’m happy with myself, cool in fact and there are bits of me I like quite a lot. If only we could choose the bits that represent us on our identity documents, I think I’d choose my legs as long as they stop before the feet.

This is only tongue in cheek, for fun and something to amuse me during my train journey but there is a very small element of truth. I don’t like photos of me, I don’t mind my 3D self but I’m still trying to accept the 2D one who has quite a bit of clout when I’m trying to get about!

Bon Voyage 😉

4 thoughts on “Passport Time”

  1. It’s true! We always think we are fat at the time and looking back, it’s like… ‘ what chub!?’ that fact has made me happier with my body . i know in 10 years i’ll think i was just fine!

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  2. My last passport picture was taken on a day I had been crying ALL night and day. I guess that’s kind of good… It was 7 years ago and I was planning a trip to Ireland (I’m in the US). At the time I was freaking out because it was so horrible, but now I think I look pretty darn good for my age, at least compared to that picture 😉

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