Palpable tension here in the room

It will have to break and hopefully soon

The air thick with anger, you can hear a pin drop

It’s ugly and maddening, I do hope it stops.

I head for the door to get our of this place

One step at a time, they’re still talking race

The crowd is thickening, the mob is not right

I run from the room and into the night

I can’t stand this anger, all over the place

The yobs have come out and they’re a disgrace

Get off your high horses, get yourselves in control

The country needs peace, that’s not how to roll

There’s no room for racism, it’s ignorant see

Not in my name, it could never be me

We’re all human beings, under one sky

I despair at your hate, I have to ask why?

Do you feel your superior, is that the truth

Did your parents tell you, was it under your roof

Or was it from school, where true bullies grow

Beware what you put out, the things that you sow

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