She kept her head down as she climbed the steps to the house. It was most definitely daylight now, the moon had retired and the sun had climbed high above the block in the distance. The postman was watching, she could feel his eyes upon her but she kept her gaze ahead, she wasn’t in the mood for any fuss today, it had been a long night. The door to the flats opened as the neighbour downstairs left for the day, she slipped in unnoticed.

She wondered to herself what he would say when she returned home, she had been missing a while now. Would he care, would he have noticed she wasn’t there beside him, comforting him, as was her way when she was home.

He was still sleeping as she entered the flat. Slowly, like silk, she crept towards the bed. He stirred for just a moment as she settled beside him and then back to his dreams.

She purred loudly.

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