Down to the Sea

I want to walk out to the shoreline, 

but I’m not wearing the right shoes. 

I must come back again tomorrow, 

with footwear I can abuse.

I’m looking out to nothingness, 

while sitting here on this rock.

That it’s so calm and peaceful now, 

is quite a culture shock.

The sun is shining brightly still, 

though it’s heading home to bed.

I like this part of Worthing now, 

it sort of clears my head.


Some photos of the sea, two minutes from my flat. I’m not keen on the town but love the space to seashore provides.

I wonder what this pile of pebbles is all about?


20 thoughts on “Down to the Sea”

      1. Wooot! I enjoy your company very much. You’re a delight and positive and fun with such a great outlook. It’s a complete joy to share your space 🙂 keys not working argh might have to read between the lines as I’ve restarted 3 times now to get this far haha


  1. I love the feeling I get from your photos, I think you’re very lucky and have the best of both worlds. You can step back into your old world whenever you want which I think will be less and less. Exciting times to come Liza, bend with the wind. 🌹

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  2. I love your poetry! Beautiful and comical too. The beach is such a peaceful place to be. Thank you for taking us with you 🙂

    ❤ Alana

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