A Cleansing Shower

I feel the blue run through me, cleansing as it does.

The waters washing over me, falling from above.

I close my eyes and imagine, it enters through my crown.

The colours of the chakras now, seeping all around.

A cleansing shower is perfect, just to visualise.

Starts the day off so nicely, why not have a try.


I always wash any worries away like this, hop in the shower or submerge myself in the bath and just visualise the water doing its work. Water is a powerful element and we are made up of a good deal of this magical substance so it’s quite natural that it is useful in cleansing rituals.

Water is known to purify crystals, washing away any negativity that’s collected and taking them back to their natural state, why would it not do the same with us.

Think of all the things water is used for, washing right? Even when we drink it we are washing out our systems. It dilutes stronger substances, it supports life and it provides a natural song. Think of the lapping of the waves on the beach, the sound of rain or a bubbling brook, can you hear the music?

The key I think is the visualisation, imagining it running through us clearing away blockages, getting into all the dark spots.

Air, Fire and Earth can be used in similar ways, think about planting flowers or vegetables, blowing out the cobwebs or lighting a candle or sending a flame to the sky.

Don’t you think these elements are taken for granted a little when they can be put to so much good use by incorporating into our lives through visualisation?

Let me know how you get on or quite simply if you think I’m mad 😉


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