Realise – DP

I would get you the stars and moon,

if it would help you to fly high,

but realise it’s just a dream, 

to be floating up on high.

I would conquer all your fears,

if that would make you smile,

but realise they are not real,

but understanding takes a while.

I would go to the end of time,

to help you to start again,

but realise I might bring back,

those days so full of pain.

I would march into kingdoms,

put you on a throne,

but realise it wouldn’t change,

you’d still feel so alone.

I would demand all stars to shine

spotlights down on you,

but realise it wouldn’t work,

it wouldn’t please you too.

I like to gather all the love in the world,

and place it on your knee,

but I realise your not wanting that,

it’s just enough from me.


I wrote this response to the Daily Prompt Word Realise, thinking about someone who is going through a hard time at the moment.

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