Graffiti Reading

Graffiti Reading No. 1

I came across this piece of graffiti while walking in Brighton today and was quite taken with what it said to me.  I took a photo of it and thought I would try a sort of psychic reading.

The art was half way up a staircase.  The stairs are a thoroughfare from one road, up a hill to a parallel road above.  You have to be local to know they are there, they are hidden from view.   This suggested to me that the artist, was neither here or there, but on his way up.

I feel this was painted by a young man who is still discovering himself.  The face he shows to the world different to the soul beneath, he wears a mask.  He presents a tough exterior, doesn’t smile an awful lot, if at all to those who don’t know him.  He is still finding himself, he is in the process of carving out his identity.  I believe he is on his way up and getting closer to his destination.  I think this is a self portrait, even if he was unaware of this at the time.

He wants us to think that he meets the world head on, he knows where he is going but I believe he is still tortured by the past.  Torture might not be the right word here, but he shows a sadness, the sadness that comes from past experiences that leave scars on the soul.  I get this from the eye on the left, right in the photo, that appears to be focussed on the past.

That he chose a secluded spot to display his art, made me feel he was waiting to be noticed and at the same time, desperately wants to be worthy of being noticed.  He is not ready to show his true self yet, he doesn’t believe he will be accepted.  But there is hope in the art work and I think hope for the future.

I believe he comes from love, there are people around him that love him although he might not be aware of this at the present time.  I see two circles behind him in blue and green, signifying love and healing.  I’m not sure he consciously painted them but to me they are his people.

I feel this young man is a thinker and communicator, he has the ability to communicate his understanding of the world but at present he is quiet.  He has passion, this will develop as he begins to understand himself and his place in the world.  Above all I see a gentleness that will grow and flourish.

This gives me hope.

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